The Wholesale Fruit and Vegetable Market


The Casablanca Wholesale Fruit and Vegetable Market is one of the city’s strategic economic establishments. Its highly critical mission is to distribute fruit and vegetables in Casablanca, i.e. around 50% of the volume of goods transiting through all the Kingdom’s wholesale markets.

At the beginning of 2020, with the arrival of the Pandemic, Casablanca Prestations, alongside the various partners involved at the City level, found themselves faced with the urgency of adapting to the constraints of confinement and the imperative need to continue to ensure a normal and regular supply of fruit and vegetables.

Thanks to a real convergence of efforts, Casablanca Prestations and its City partners have succeeded in instilling the necessary momentum to maintain activity during the crisis as well as the continued development of this vast project.

Upgrade Program

The management of this strategic municipal establishment was entrusted to Casablanca Prestations in 2015, in accordance with the vision of modernizing and upgrading the city’s infrastructure.

  • Modernization of Market management;
  • Modernization of management tools;
  • Implementation of the organization and management procedures necessary for operation;
  • Improvement of the quality of services provided to customers.
  • Information systems upgrade;
  • Installation of a CCTV (video surveillance) system;
  • Renovation of roads, buildings and premises…;
  • Organization and monitoring of Market access.
Revenue Development
  • Reinforcement of revenue monitoring mechanisms;
  • Improvement of revenue and rationalization of expenditures.

Key Figures

Surface area
Admissions per day
Annual tonnage

Wholesale Prices

These prices are provided as an indication depending on the quality of the product.