Who are we?

Casablanca Prestations, an LDC (Local Development Corporation) serving the city and its inhabitants

Casablanca Prestations is a Local Development Corporation, created in December 2014, in the form of a public limited company with a share capital of 12 million dirhams, on the initiative of the territorial authorities of Casablanca, in accordance with article 140 of Law N° 17- 08 amending and supplementing Law N° 78-00 on the municipal charter.

It is in charge of the development, management, support and monitoring of local public services, within the framework of the projects entrusted to it. Its LDC status gives it all the attributes necessary for efficiency in the management of local public services and in improving the quality of life of Casablancans.

Our vision

To be among the key players in the modernization of the city while improving the quality of life for the citizens and economic actors in Casablanca.