Casablanca’s Slaughterhouse

In December 2014, the Municipal Council of the City of Casablanca entrusted Casablanca Prestations with the management and upgrading of the city’s slaughter and meat processing plant. Spread over an area of 8.7 Ha, this key infrastructure ensures an annual production of around 75,000 tons of red meat.

Certified by the ONSSA (National Food Safety Agency) since 2016, the slaughter and meat processing plants of the economic metropolis also remain the first and only ISO 22000 v2018 and ISO9001 v2015 certified slaughtehouse at the national level. In addition, since April 2021 it has also achieved HALAL certification by the Moroccan Institute for Standardization (IMANOR). The objective is to control the health security of this sector at the regional level, but also at the national level, in addition to offering an attractive service capable of combating, with authority, the illegal slaughter market.


On a daily basis, the missions of this Casablanca Prestations
Business Unit are based on two fundamental aspects,

Management Modernization

  • Optimizing and upgrading management tools;
  • Implementation of a commercial strategy to develop the activity’s turnover;
  • Expansion of the customer portfolio to increase processing volume as well as with new services;
  • Improving the quality of services provided to customers as well as business continuity;
  • Compliance of slaughtering and red meat processing activities with hygiene and health standards.

Upgrading Equipment and Facilities

  • Renewal of the cooling system by replacing ammonia with water glycol;
  • Rehabilitation and commissioning of the wastewater treatment plant;
  • Refurbishment of premises for better functioning;
  • Extension of the sales room …

Commercial Activities

The Casablanca slaughter and meat processing plants are equipped with a cutting room offering meat cutting and processing services to professionals, with equipment that meets the most demanding hygiene standards.

Following a well-defined production chain, the processing plants’ fields of activity extend to the following links:

  • Slaughter of sheep and cattle;
  • Offal processing;
  • Cutting and packaging of red meat and offal, preparation of minced meat and meat products.

These self-monitoring, verification, monitoring and improvement efforts provide several advantages:

  • For the consumer, the meat bears an approval number certifying its quality and international food safety recognition;
  • For wholesale meat traders, users of the Casablanca processing plants, it is an opportunity to market their products everywhere in Morocco as well as for export;
  • For the City of Casablanca, this assurance should allow for better positioning with regard to the competition and a contribution to the fight against illegal slaughter.

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